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Why Archive Manager?

Archive Manager can provide your company with valuable savings on expensive overhead costs and provide off-site storage at a fraction of the cost of storing physical documents. What are you waiting for?

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Do you have a trial version of Archive Manager?
We are currently finalizing a trial version of the software. We expect to have it available in the second quarter of 2008. Please submit a contact request if you would like to receive notification when it is available.
How much does Archive Manager cost?
There are many different configurations available. Please contact our sales department to discuss your document management and archiving needs. We will prepare a no obligation, customized quote for your business.
Do I have to have a Windows server to use Archive Manager?
No. Archive Manager will run on any personal computer with Windows XP Pro or Windows Vista operating system. Although it will run on Windows XP Home edition, it is only supported on Windows Professional line of products.
Do I need a special scanner to use Archive Manager?
Archive Manager is supported on any Twain compliant scanner. Most scanners these days provide Twain support. Please consult your scanner manual to make sure it includes Twain support.
What are Annotations?
Annotations are a feature of Archive Manager that allow you to place "sticky" notes, rubber stamps, notations, datestamps, etc. on your documents. These are saved with the file but only displayed within our application.
Is Archive Manager scalable?
Yes, the application can run standalone or can be incorporated into a larger solution. You can start with a minimal configuration and build on as your needs change.
Is there a web version?
Archive Manager does have a web component for searching, retrieving and viewing images online. Ask your sales representative for more details.
I don't have SQL Server, what can I do?
There is a free version of SQL Server 2005 Express that is available from Microsoft's website. The application has been designed to run with this version of the software.
Do you support MySQL database?
We no longer support MySQL for the Windows version of the software. Once Microsoft made SQL 2005 Express available for free, we found that we could provide more functionality by supporting SQL Server only. However, we do provide custom software solutions and updating the code so that it is compatible with MySQL is a possibility.


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